Chapman Senior Care

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Welcome to Chapman Senior Care

Our staff is comprised of Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Licensed Cinical Social Workers who provide a variety of services (defined on the services tab of this website).


  • Chapman Senior Care ("CSC") has responded to the need for facility-based treatment by offering a team of qualified professionals to assist with the daily care of individuals suffering with mental issues.
  • There is a direct connection between the mental and physical well being of every individual. The specific care shown by CSC to each resident enhances their daily functioning and their quality of life.
  • CSC specializes in issues of individuals, families, and older adults, Life Changes and Adjustments, Dementia, Depression and Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Relationship and Family Therapy.


9702 Gayton Rd #181

Richmond, VA 23238

tel: (804) 741-7500
fax:(804) 741-7900